Apart from Lego - Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes sets and not to forget Lightsaber, oh talking about Lego, I'm even thinking about putting a set of it on 'dulang' and make it as one of 'hantaran', see how nonsense my imagination could be.

>Enough of your rumblings, Syuhada!

What? Oh, sorry, that's went too far, alright, where am I stop just now?<


Uh-oh, ok got it, got it, yep I would love to keep them as my personal collection and now I've got another cool stuff that startled me. See the post title, it is called Xbox Kinect.

To tell you the truth, for all this time I thought that Xbox Kinect is just another gaming console along with PS3, Xbox, Nintendo I mean they are all the same console anyway - except they came from different manufacturer - with function obviously, to play games. But I'm completely wrong. See what I've wiki-ed for you readers.

Read more and more.

Still don't get it? Allow me to simplify it for you ladies and gentlemen. Kinect, a motion sensor which cooperates with Xbox 360 console that will take your gaming aesthetics to another level but without using any controller or joystick. It requires your body gestures to play the game and get you off the couch in which you yourself is like one of characters in a virtual ecosystem that making your gaming experience so real. I'm pretty sure that you want to keep your curtain close cause your neighbor might think that you had gone nuts while you're smashing, punching, skipping, kicking, slashing or even shouting, squealing, bawling all alone in your hall. Kinda cool to me, cause you hardcore gamer won't be slouching all day on your couch completing another level of your game with bottles of Coke and packs of junk food and get fat. 

Hurmm, I'm sure you guys still frowning and can't get through this body gesture idea so, freaking not, I got this video to help you digest this Kinect thing.

Kinect has paved its way in market around 2 years but I just figure out what actually is this thing like few days ago - yeah, that's shame - and in a second it already listed on my milestone list. Milestone huh? 

Is there anyone know where can I get this stuff here in Malaysia?