2011 ENCORE - Lame & Fame

Or should I say, shame also.

It's 31 Dec, 2011, so this should be my last post. Of 2011. This blog is not going to die, yeah, how I wish and hoping that the other 3 writers would spend some of their time to jot something down here. It's been awhile I didn't read some of their thoughts or momentous event whatsoever they prefer to share.You might miss them too, in case. So, 2011, what is it to me? See up there, lame - or shame - and fame, I had both of them. Alright, I have to admit it is more of lame, to be precise. Writing this kind of .post at the very end of the year is kinda my favorite, but this year forget those Megapost that I wrote for the past 2 years, there were nothing too 'mega' or bombastic to write. Half of the year are left void. Screwed, ain't it? As for today, I'm gonna make it slightly different than the past 2 years - since my 2011 didn't take off very well - highlight some of the remarkable moments of the year. 

Year of Graduation

Alhamdulillah, it took 4 years of suffer, been cranking up my head to  calculations which is at the end of it, paid off. To tell you the truth, when I was in first year of study, I was contemplating if Chemical Engineering is the right path for me - it was my second choice in UPU application if I'm not mistaken - and the field I really wanted to be in afterwards, plus the beginning seemed pretty rough for me that I told myself,

'Padan muka aku, dulu aku menyampah sangat dengan Kimia, habis nota aku buang, dengan cikgu dia pun aku tak suka, at last amik Chemical Engineering, dah macam kena sumpahan pun ada, booo!'

As the years pass by, the course getting harder to the core which apparently didn't seem too 'chemical' to me, I could fit in quite well, I enjoyed it indeed though it was kinda burn your heads off and I started to believe that this is what I've destined for and embraced it. October 1, a date to keep.

Sadly that we don't manage to take a picture of all of us. 

Photos credit to Azam Ishak

Year to Langkawi

It was a trip with my classmates to mark the end of our university year. We've been together for semesters, this trip will be something I shall never forget. Unfortunately, few of us were not be able to join it. Never mind, we're looking forward for a sweeter escape after this to Shutter Island. harharhar.

At Pulau Beras Basah, if I'm not mistaken

Langkawi's archipelagos 

On top of Gunung Machincang, no Shah Rukh found there 

Photos credit to Ikhwan Nurhakim

Year of Weddings (and babies too!)

2011 has been a year to some of my colleagues to get hitch to their love ones. And not to forget, a warm welcome to the arrival of Jaa's baby girl - oh, what a long name I can't help to memorize it - Qaleesya that we start to address ourselves aunties and uncles. I said babies ain't I? My apologize, haha, Qaleesya updates has occasionally on my feed, so the word baby would solely remind me of Qaleesya. I would like to extend my congratulations to Syuhada Ramli's baby boy, Mujahid and Fadeela' baby girl, Qaisara. To newly ma and pa, happy parenting!

Emma & her husband (photo by Alem Ayub)

Shazlin & husband

Fiza & hubby (photo by Alem Ayub)

 I never miss any of weddings yet, it was great to meet them back after school 
(photo by Alem Ayub)

Year of Books

Yes, books. My goal for 2011 was to read 5 books throughout the year, considering me as the beginner to start reading. Eventually, I had finished 8 books, goal achieved! I don't have any favorite writer, yet I'm about to find it which will require to read more books. I read fiction as well as non-fiction to find which suits me best. Frankly, fiction didn't really appeal to me. I guess fiction will do good in motion picture rather to have it in thousands of word and thick of pages. Here are highlights from my shelf.

Stupendous graphic

Fatimah's Kampung by Iain Buchanan actually is the very first book - more of a graphical book - I read before I deeply roll into bookaholic, humm, not so bookaholic. This is a wonderful book I ever had cause you won't miss a single picture in every page of it, full-colored pages and I may say this is the right book for a bedtime. It pretty reminds me of my childhood, growing up in a wooden house and zinc roof that drums on rainy day. Hey you, thanks for such an awesome book!

Meet my favorite books of the year both by Awang Goneng. A Map to Trengganu is a sequel to Growing Up In Trengganu. Awang Goneng, a Trengganu-born writer will take you to a wallow in nostalgia of what Trengganu used to be. I may not come from generation the same as Awang Goneng, I don't even know if Istana Kolam ever existed, I don't even know if there was a clock tower in Kuala Trengganu but his writings had been very fond to me that makes me as a youngster should appreciate the local culture, architecture and buildings because soon or later, they might be demolished for so-called modern day structured development to fulfill their dream of new Kuala Trengganu. Awang Goneng, please write another sequel! Check his blog Kecek-Kecek.

Seharusnya aku mengulas dengan berbahasa. Perempuan Politikus Melayu (PPM) karya Faisal Tehrani merupakan  karya yang 'rare' kerana kelantangan beliau mengetengahkan senario politik Malaysia ke dalam bentuk novel. Untuk pengetahuan semua, PPM pernah ditolak oleh beberapa rumah penerbitan. Aku akui ini novel ini mempunyai jalan cerita yang bagus, namun Faisal banyak menggunakan teknik imbas kembali dalam penceritaan menyebabkan aku hilang dalam plot-plot penceritaan. Kesilapan teknikal yang paling ketara pada dialog yang sepatutnya diletakkan tanda dialog (") tidak diletakkan. Kesudahannya, aku pening baca cerita dia lepas 3/4 novel, sekejap Jenny kena bunuh, lepas tu Jenny lari ke London, lepas tu Jenny ke kampung, ah aku dah tak dapat menuruti lagi jalan cerita macam ini, kompleks sungguh. Watak, bukan Jenny sorang, ada sepupu Jenny lagi, Uncle Leslie, datuk datuk, semua nak imbas kembali, sampai yang baca berimbas-imbas sama, boleh delusi kalau berterusan baca tahu. Aku tak baca baca sampai sekarang. 

Year of Jobless

6 months of unemployment. I'm running out of words to describe how terrible I feel for being in jobless state. This is not what I had asked for. There's a saying 'Be careful with what you wish'. I might not be very careful with what I wish because I wanted to have a peaceful rest before I start my career. So He grant me with this 6 months home-grounded. Shame on me.

2011 Best Quote: Hidup tak berhutang, tak mencabar (Omar Ismail, 2011). He's my father. 

2011 Best Movie: Thor. Can't wait for The Avengers in this 2012. 

2011 Best Song: Bleehhhh. No other can beat my all time favorite, The Calling - Wherever You Will Go. OK OK OK, I'm giving a chance to Adele - Rolling In The Deep.

My favorite cover of Rolling In The Deep by Linkin Park

Moving forward to 2012, what to look in new year?

- More books for sure. I'm about to shoot 10 books this year. I'm quite intrigued by Letters From Burma and Freedom From Fear both written by Burma nationalist, Aung San Suu Kyi
- Lay my hands on photography or lomography, whichever comes first. I've started to practice aperture and shutter priority mode, can't quite have my desire shot yet. 
- 1.5L water/day for the sake of your health, Syuhada! It was one of my goal for 2011 which went well till mid-2011 and later, I only took around 500ml/day. Healthiness shall require a commitment to maintain isn't it?
- A stable career, I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly.
- Riding grandpa's Vespa.
- Backpacking. Let's see how is this going, time might be too tight to slip in but at least one place will be enough. Kinda envy my cousin who's be able to go backpacking few times a year, a serious business cause she had gone almost all around the globe, from spectacular Amsterdam to chaotic Israel and I just don't know when she will stop. Once she retired may be?

So that's all for 2011 rewind and expectations for 2012. All well ends well! Earthlings, Happy New Year!

 And again, What Are You Doing New Years Eve?