Hi, I am your box, Dropbox.

Good day and big balls and all hail October!! It’s been awhile that I left this blog, it’s not that I’m busy managing my career, I remain jobless-unemployed, indeed. In this post again, is about tutorial just like the previous one, Tweetdeck. And here they are Cloud service and Dropbox. I’m not sure if some of you are familiar with those things but for those who just a little lag behind about this, this post gonna save your day. 

To tell you, current weekend was my convocation day. Yeah it’s a hectic day, parents and friends were crowding all over the places, flowers, teddies, chocolate, photoshoot and etc. and mine? Dad was surprised me with a car key with metal charm plated with Volkswagen logo on it, and I was like what it is? “It’s a Golf, token for your convocation, have a blessed and blissful life, and for your career after this”.

This is a lame fiction. Seriously. 

While everyone would bring a camera with them to capture the moment of the day, I choose not to bring any. Knowing that few of my friends would bring their bulky DLSR, so I’m just going to get the copies from them. Now here is the problem, all of us are reside scatteredly here in Peninsula. We used to have this conventional way, passing the thumb drive loaded with bytes of pic in it but that is just impossible now. Email won’t allow the attachment like hundreds of megabytes of the picture files per mail except that you cut into few parts and that must be tiring and time-consuming. Same goes with uploading via web forms. So how are we going to pan out this matter? There is one namely Cloud. 

Cloud is a service that caters the lightning speed travel for Son Goku in Dragon Ball from a spot to another. It is also a super-fast transport that beats the fastest bullet speed, the one that connects Beijing-Shanghai.

Son Goku flying Nimbus

Lousy description, huh? Alright, let me get this straight, cloud storage had been introduced to enhance the sharing experience among the computer user. It is designed to link all of your computers together via a single folder which is an easiest way to back up and sync between computers. With this cloud services, there is no more excuses like you left some files in the computer at your workplace and you can’t get it done at home. Thumb-drive seems helpful but what if a day that you just left it at your workplace? Or your computer had been invaded by that ruthless viruses and all of the important files are gone? Not anymore with cloud prowess. To date, 5 best cloud storage services are Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Windows Live Skydrive, Box and SOS Online Backup. 

The one that I'm stumble upon is Dropbox, the best deal compared to others due to its easy file upload features. To use this service, users are required to download the application which appears just like a typical folder in your computer. As the name implies, all you have to do is just drop your file into that mutual box – which only a regular folder - and the file will be uploaded and synced throughout the Dropbox cloud. All the data are accessible for download through the Dropbox website. For me as the jobless actively seeking for an employment, just trash in all of the essential documents in it and I’m free to be like everywhere without bothering to carry the thumb-drive around – though it’s only tiny and short 1.5 inch long – in case I want to apply any vacancies. Dropbox offers 2GB for free, and charges $10 per month for 50GB of storage, or $20 per month for 100GB.

Another feature that is my favorite one goes to its sharing folder option. You can have certain folder to be accessible to others by inviting the Dropbox user collaborates in the desired folder. In other words, you may have your friends sharing some files with you throughout the same folder. Once you get them invited, the folder will be automatically synced with their account and appear in their Dropbox folder on the computer. Sharing experience has never been this great yo! 

The other cloud storage that I’ve been using up until now is Google Docs that runs on web forms which uploading process might be a little time-consuming depending on the file size and connection speed. Unfortunately, there is no software that available for desktop application yet. I wonder when is the time would be but it must be awesome to have two of them enable to be integrated. 

Long live Dropbox!