Good Monday and good morning earthlings! It's a fresh Monday for a kickstart..well not really a kickstart, me lost into Monday blues, clumsy me doing some silly things. Crap. Anyway, as the title mentioned above, the location will be unlocked, I'm gonna post few spots that I'm about to leave my footprints on and of course my main motive here is to assemble some people to reach there. TEEHEE!

Pantai Pelindung vs Bukit Pelindung

Ahha! Been there (Pantai Pelindung) this morning (May 9) anticipating for a sunrise, and luckily we made it. It's located somewhere next to Teluk Cempedak, not really a well-known beach compare to TC. Just the name implies, the location is quite hidden though. As for Bukit Pelindung (BP), located on the way road to TC, it's a spot for jogging and downhill bikers. I've been there twice. BP shall offer the view of TC and the whole city of Kuantan at the other side of it. Unfortunately, the last time I've been there with a high hope to see the whole city from the top, it has been restricted for public. Sweat-wasted.

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The other tag shows Bukit Pelindung.

Fire ball, shine us with your golden rays

Air Terjun Berkelah

They said it's a must go place before you finish your study here. I've been there..once.

Sungai Lembing

Someone please take me there! I hear a lot about this place, once a well-known town for its tin mining activity but not anymore. Some of my friends keep telling me 'takde apa lah kat sana' when I'm asking them to go there. It can't be 'takde apa lah kat sana' if it was a glorious mining town. I don't know, but googling it up, there's a museum, and another places nearby if I'm not mistaken, Gua Charas and Air Terjun Pelangi. Anyone interested?

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Bukit Sulai

Should I include this one? Just a place to spend your leisure time with your mates, all kinds of saving lah (money, time, fuel etc2), the closest spot you can reach within 10 minutes from UMP which guarantee you a view of Universiti Malaysia Pahang from the top. LOL!

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There are still other fascinating spots around, but hey, not much time left, ain't it? Next time may be. Yeah..may be. Those are just few that draw my attention. So, who's in?



Alhamdulillah, the last paper of the final semester finally ends. Syukur.

Mari bersyukur.