Forever After #6: Along & Fiza

Memandu merentasi LPT, park kereta di jeti, menyusuri Sungai Pahang menaiki bot laju, terserempak buaya, menaiki pacuan empat roda melalui ladang-ladang sawit, begitulah serba sedikit perjalanan kami menuju ke kenduri Along. 

Papepon, ini pun kira 'long time sweetheart' jugak, dari zaman sekolah sekolah dahulu kala. Semoga berpanjangan hendaknya. 

Along dengan muka tak boleh blah..seperti selalu selalu. Kahkahkah.


Be careful with what you're saying.

At least you won't be having a hard time to swallow them and taste bad, well, in case. 


Forever After #5: Wan & Didi

Cuti sekolah = jalan lapang masa nak pergi kerja, cuti sekolah = mall dipenuhi budak-budak, cuti sekolah = kenduri kawen bersusun-susun. Kenduri kawen minggu lepas, minggu puncak segala kenduri pack masa minggu ni. Didi ni dulu rumet aku kat KK4, Wan ni kira satu kos dengan aku, budak kelas sebelah. 

Papepon, tahniah & semoga berkekalan hendaknya. 

*Budak-budak ni dah komplen aku sorang tak pakai smartphone, susah katanya nak roger aku sekarang pasal diorang diskas pape kat group K10&co katanya, yelah maklumlah aku takde Whatsapps tu. Yelah, nanti aku belilah satu, nanti aku dah ade sebijik tak roger aku jugak memang siap korang. Mak pun ada Whatsapps tahu. 


Forever After #4: Izzah Nadiah & Fadzlul Hayat

This post is going to be like a lengthy wedding speech.

Here's to never growing up, woahh!

First of all, Alhamdulillah and I'm so glad that finally you made it through these years to this wonderful day all your life. Izzah Nadiah who is my high school mate since 2004 when we started our study in INTEP. She came in second intake, as long as I could remember. I can't quite remember how we started to tag along but since then that we acknowledged each other as sibling. Perhaps we both have a lot of things in common, so that was how 'sibling' began. She's a bright girl, athletic, extrovert and pleasant to be with. Actively involved in netball in centre position, she's a ghost, you might found her everywhere in the court. Guess her petite physical helps her to move around faster. Me? I'm only a devoted watchful supporters sitting by the court. 

One notable trait that people found us in common was our loud sneeze, aaaaaacccchhhuummmm!! My class was located next to hers' which sometimes our sneeze sound alternately, the loud sneeze that sometimes some of us would make fun of it for the fact we didn't purposely freak them out with our blaring sneeze. It was natural.

The lame part about me, I was like the last pieces domino, the last to be hit and the last to fall. I didn't bother with all the gossips in the air like, A met with B at the intersection of Aspura-Aspuri, C stumbled upon an encouraging note on the desk from anonymous D, E kept his/her feeling for F because F already with G, love remain unspoken or, or, or H got a giant slate of Cadbury chocolate under the desk from mysterious I, to be true I only knew those kind of things right after we left school. Seriously. The same goes with Izzah that I had only knew she started to date Hayat then, which was long after all of us left school. Well, the last pieces of domino.

Fast forward, we further studies, we don't meet up very much due to distance restriction, and luckily Facebook keep us in touch. Ouch Facebook, speaking of Facebook, had I mentioned once there was a request-to-change-the-password-but-not-from-account-owner-itself tragedy? Not quite a tragedy actually, but sometimes it did get me grinned or chuckled a bit. What was this 'tragedy'? I think I'll keep the rest of the 'tragedy' untold here. And we were back again last year when I started to work in KL and there came Amiza & Saswe joining in which most of the times, there will be 4 of us hanging out together and all we love to do is sit and chit chatting all day long. Some would find us rather boring, it's like we didn't spend our time together other than talk and talk and food as well, when to think about that, perhaps our talks never have an ending. 

Right on 27th of April 2013, she officially married to her long time sweetheart, Fadzlul Hayat. I’m going to take some times to tune myself that she’s now somebody’s wife en lieu somebody’s daughter whilst her responsibility one level up. It's almost 7 years that you both have been together and the path for you together must have paved long long time ago in Luh Mahfuz. A generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, caring equal and forever a great friend of mine. And Hayat, by any chance if you read this, you should have known how lucky you are to have her by your side for all this while and Insya-Allah in years to come, you see, 7 years passed and you survived all odds, rocking situation and miles of rough distance, that's victorious buddy! 

To sibling and Hayat, may you both always sail in the same direction, sharing aspirations, hopes, dreams, laughter and co-sharing al conquests. 


Forever After #3: Iera & Akmal

Finally, #2 spot filled! Another celebrated couple, Iera, also the HYXCESS member, had tied a knot to her love ones, Akmal. May you live forever in love.


Forever After #2: Syida & Boy

Late post? Yes it is, I should have posted it in last month. Meet our celebrated HYXCESS member who breaks the puzzle of who's the first to settle down and get married. There are 8 of us - plus our late Rahedah - and while Syida has found her way, the queue is still on and our most anticipated spot must be #8. 

My dear, may the love bestowed upon both of you and happily ever after.


Tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi dan tapi.

Aku sebenarnya nak tukar kerja tahu tapi, interview pun tak menyinggah lagi. Rasa nak beli kete jugak tapi, duduk dekat bandar penuh pancaroba ni macam tak padan nak pakai kete canggih canggih, tambah plak mak pun tak kasi beli kete. Baik beli rumah ye dak tapi, nak beli rumah kat mana, kat bandor ni ke, kampung ke? Terasa jugak macam nak pakai smartphone tu tapi, aku pakai telefon tu setakat aku jawab call dengan mesej je, fungsi-fungsi lain yang ‘fancy’ semua tu aku tak heran, tak pakai, tak minat…setakat masa ni lah, tapi bila sebut mesej ni, dah berotot ibu jari tekan-tekan bila balas mesej, keypad keras masya-Allah, berpadananlah telefon pakai sekarang bolehlah. Dikategorikan. Sebagai. Dumb. Phone. Tapi, tapi, tapi, besar jasa dia tahu. Lepas tu nak pakai iPad mini jugak tapi, nak tunggu iPad mini 2. Bila mengenangkan laptop yang dah tak berapa power – processor Core Duo bila mana smartphone sekarang pun ada yang dah guna quad core - dengan kapasiti penggunaan aku sekarang rasa nak angkat all-in-one PC tu seketul tapi, hummm itulah. Kerja berlonggok atas meja tapi macam rimas serabut, but, but, but siap tengok Madagascar lagi kat opis. Sekarang ni pulak aku macam lapar tapi, tak tahu nak makan apa.

Tapi ni pun siap jadi modal lagu jugak.

Sekarang kau kira berapa banyak ‘tapi’ aku taip kat atas. ‘Tapi’ digunakan untuk menerangkan sesuatu keadaan atau subjek yang bersifat kontradik dan sangat ‘applicable’ untuk orang yang banyak kerenah, banyak alasan, banyak cekadak. Tapi itu, tapi ini, serba-serbi ‘tapi’. Kadang, ‘tapi’ ni kena jugak untuk situasi yang memerlukan justifikasi yang lebih konkrit. Tengok ‘tapi’ aku je lah berapa banyak, macam-macam lah tapinya.

Tapi gitu ah, nok buat guane doh. Bleh, bleh, bleh.