Please. Used in polite requests.

SILA. To give enjoyment, pleasure, or satisfaction to; make glad or contented; used to express politeness in a request.Misspelling of 'SILA' (misplaced the letter A and L especially whenever you are typing on your keyboard), you may considered as 'mencarut' inadvertently. No more enjoyment, pleasure, satisfaction and politeness as well. SIAL. *misspelling*



pernah dengar tak ada orang pernah kate :
"better to remain silent, and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt"

so, lebih baik saya diam jer...saya tak nak komen ape2 dah...saya cume nak D.I.A.M je...saya tak nak bela diri saya dah...saya tak nak ter-cakap something yang bukan seperti jawapan yang awak harapkan...



Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Taking Chances Tour French DVD)

A spectacular and stunning performance by Celine Dion singing the Titanic OST My Heart Will Go On, and after 10 years, the song remain stinging.