Bolder and sleeker

Growing up with Honda since young somehow inculcate me to opt for Honda too soon. Ayah loves Honda so much. Honda Civic is his first Honda bought and several years later, he switched to Accord. Been riding in Honda for about 20 years, and how I wish that I would buy one, a new model, and let ayah feels the unexceptional transformation that Honda created since the first Civic he drove in until the latest one. Coming up, Civic re-design with sophisticated concept as well as bolder and sleeker appearance. It comes with conventional sedan and coupe models along with hybrid and natural-gas variants. So, which is yours?

To Tunku Maheran, which lure you most? kehkeh

#Typically, a groom will present a car to his bride as a gift, but not on me. I'm gonna turn it the other way, a bride will present a car to her groom. So, the groom would appear lagi materialistik than the bride! AHAHAHAHAHAHAA.