Briyani ke Nasi Putih

Hujung minggu yang makan free, ya makan kenduri je. Sabtu dengan Briyani yang pemurah gila penyedia catering tu, betul betul basmathi dia pakai. Ahad dengan nasi putih biasa je tapi gulai ikan masin ada nanas nanas tu terbaik! Karipap dia mantap tak mantap aku cakap kau, mana nak dapat inti daging seketul seketul dan padat lagi. Tak main ah karipap inti angin. 

NEX-5 and NEX-7, it's NEX-7 that I've been waiting actually. My friend, Alem said that he wanted to buy NEX-5 but since the price tag quite costly, he opt for Lumix ICL, couldn't recall the name of the model. When I was reading the NEX-5 review months ago, it was said that the NEX-7 was on the line to be rolled out plus, there was some features still need to be improved. And yesterday, NEX-7 came across my mind and the launching should be around the corner. And here they are. 


In before, I've been lurking on Olympus Pen E-PL 3 as well. Apparently, it seems NEX-7 has what it takes to top out any other ICL. And what's next Jane? Go save your piggy bank, perhaps?

And what's NEX-5 or NEX-7 or Pen got to do with Briyani ke Nasi Putih? Nothing. Foods never failed to excite me and rocking my stomach.