At the end of the day, it's all for your own sake.

Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims all around, to you readers and fellas.

What a meaty day yaa, since it is Aidiladha which is about ibadah qorban and how we take the values from ancient history of Ibrahim and Ismail. There's a huge meaning behind that in my own opinion we should learn from it and practice in our daily life. *for u syuhada to bear it in your mind too*

As for my post, this is not something related to 'berkorban' pon. How it might related, it's up to guys to find the point.

Hmm..when I was younger and younger, I am a nail-biter. Nail-biter yang tegar. Sangat gemar gigit kuku, tak cukup kuku tangan, kuku kaki pon dengan sedaya upaya gigit jugak. Hebat bukan? Nail-biting also known Onychophagia is a common oral compulsive habit among children and adult as well. And yeah I have to admit that I've experienced all the side effects stated in wiki which are
  • fingertips are sensitive to pain
  • broken skin
  • reddish skin due to saliva
Sometime it hurts but you can feel the satisfaction in it. Ask your friend who still bite their nail. I start biting my nail when I was 5 to 6 years old. My nail was once become like this,

serius buruk weii. Kadang-kadang, jeles jugak tengok kawan-kawan kuku cantik. keh4. Until 2003, I read an article on mental disorder and nail-biting is also one of the syndrom. So, I tell myself that I need to stop this habit. What an attempt, but me myself can't fight the lure of my nail that much much delicious and satisfy me. Gila! You know a change can't be execute drastically, that wont work! Slowly, I practice myself to cut the nail pakai ketip kuku. Tak payah tunggu panjang, pendek lagi pon potong so that I wont get the chance to taste the nail at all. HAHAHAHAHAA. Sometime, mengelat jugak, tak tahan punye pasal. Lucky me, habit menggigit berkurang. I mean kadang-kadang gigit jugak. In 2004-2005, I told myself that I need stop terus gigit kuku, takde lagi gigit. So how I finish it? What I was thinking is

'kalaulah nanti salam dengan mak mertua, tak ke kene reject aku ni dengan kuku yg buruk menggerutu macam gini, at least kalau bela elok-elok dari sekarang, by the time aku salam ngan mak mertua nanti, kuku da elok' *SERIUS BONGOK999*

At least it works! I made it, bila teringat-ingat balik, serius kental mahu berenti gigit kuku yang dah jadi habit for +-11 years, tempoh berhenti dalam 3 tahun. huuuii.

Bila teringat teknik yang aku apply untuk berhenti menggigit, why not aku apply the same thing to heal my skin problem.

'kalaulah nanti jumpa mak mertua, tak ke kene reject aku ni ngan rupa menggerutu macam gini, at least kalau jaga betul-betul dari skang, by the time aku jumpa mak mertua nanti, kulit aku da elok' *dari muda sampai ke tua, BONGGOK tak sudah2* (mak mertua nak yg kulit licin je, perangai macam ceplos die tak tahu..waakakakkaaa)

So, I was advised by my cousin to avoid dairy products in order to decrease the break-outs. She reminded me many times already, I dont know if dairy products did affect me since I dont really take dairy products in my diet but the truth is dairy products did bring the negative effects and milk being one of the significant causes for acne breakout. The root cause for this is the fat content and also the hormones present in milk. But, I dont drink milk. So, what's went wrong? I dig deeper and deeper and I found this.


  • Eggs: this is the most common allergen, which cause acne. Usually, egg yolk is considered to be the acne cause. Hence, egg lovers may still have egg whites. *aku memang suka telur*
  • Red Meat: In many cases, red meat is the main cause of acne. It is difficult to digest animal proteins when compared to vegetable proteins. Waste products which are left in the body are released through skin, that triggers acne. Additionally, hormones present in those foods increases hormone levels that result in acne.
  • Processed Foods: These contain preservatives and additives that are harmful to the skin. These processed foods contain toxins that trigger acne outbreaks. Artificial sweeteners and refined sugars are harmful for acne prone skin. *megi masuk sekali?*
  • Dairy Products: Studies revealed that dairy products have a negative effect on your skin. Milk is the most common cause of acne breakouts, as it contains fat and hormones. However, not everyone who consume milk suffer from acne condition. Too much intake of dairy products worsens acne.
  • Caffeine: Foods which contain caffeine such as tea, coffee, chocolates and other beverages are considered as the common foods which trigger acne. Caffeine increases the production of hormones and results in acne breakouts. *aku hantu nescafe*
  • Grains: Wheat and there food grains may trigger acne because these grains are converted into sugars as soon as they are consumed. Most parasites and bacteria that trigger skin rashes and acne feed on them. Hence, try to avoid products which are made from grains such as pasta, bread, biscuits, etc.*tak boleh makan roti ape? roti lagi lah aku hantu!!*
p/s - The list may differ from one person to another.

Soalan lagi bes aku jumpa, Can Pizza and Dairy Products Cause Acne? (tekan untuk baca jawapan), tapi jawapan die, YES!

Kalau lah aku follow segala foodtaboo nii, segala nikmat makan-makan atas dunia ni aku dah hilang.

Why not take a week without those food? Imma take my cousin's advice for good. May be she's right. After all, it's all for your own sake.


cik Aada masih ggt kuku?
jenuh tgor kat m3x dlu...
cpt2 stop...nnt nk nunang, mak mentua tgk nnt :)


dulu lah..not anymore, fully berhenti da pon..huhuhuuu


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