It is not my intention to discriminate. I just dont like it.

Today is 26 of April in a rainy evening.

It's been a long silence since my last post in this blog.

I am 21years-7months-8days old. Up until this date, I've been entirely whole my life had study, went to school, undergo matriculation program, get good pointer so I pursue my study in quite a critical course in university. Nice one and I should have proud of myself cause I've been on a long journey and I had survived every stage of it. Back then during my school year, when I was asked,

'What is your favorite subject taught in school?'

I never had a specific answer for that kind of be truth, I dont even had an answer for that. The best shot of mine was just 'I dont know'. Those who are very intelligent and smart that day might find their own favorite subject which almost of them drown in love with Addmaths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and blablablaaah. Why is it had to be those scientific, critical, complicated subjects? Well, they excelled in what they like. But when I was once asking of my friends which was also of of the top 10 student back then, 'why do you like this subject?', they also got no solid answer for that question ending up replied back to me 'I dont know' or else they replied 'I like whateversubjecttheygotintheirmind because I like them'. You love them for no specific reason.heh. Probably, to love or like doesn't require any condition or reasoning, is it? Instead, I rather take myself to learn all the subject regardless of which you like or which you dont, so I dont end up excelled in only the subject that I like most or kicked out by the subject I hate most. But, the only subject that annoyed me was Biology. I cant help myself to understand those paramesium, amoeba, genetics, chromosome and all of it. Biology had affected me anesthetically WORST than Sejarah. I slept in most of the Biology classes. I found it was such a miracle when I could keep my eyes wide open during biol class and pay attention to what cikgu Hairie was teaching which it's so rare for me to turn out that way. While everyone in my class was so excited and interested in that human reproduction chapter, this chapter still didn't raise my attention in what they were all sooo fascinate with. Poor me. I remembered my classmates was sengih2kambing during Cikgu Hairie's class when he explained about the reproduction system. And me as usual, lay my head on the desk with the text book stand armored or pretending like I was struggling to understand the phrases/figure/diagram. As the result, the grade that I could afford was B (I dont remember B4 or B3). At the end, you like it or not, you still have to brace yourselves with what you like or dislike. That was me back 5 years ago who didn't have any specific interest in anything.

I have completed almost 3 years in university which take another 1 year to complete the 4 years duration of study to grab that scroll of degree. For the past 2 years, I dont complain much about the subject that I have to take (which is a requirement to fulfill my course). But this semester, here comes the pain, suffer, disaster. There is a subject called Project Management and Economics (PME). The word 'Economic' itself had tortured my brain to disclose what is the damn meaning behind it. Frankly speaking, I hate all those economic things. A friend of mine had me ponder,

'Wei..kalau macam ni lah, PD (Plant Design) nanti macam mana?'

and yeah, it did trigger my mind of what am I going to be if I can't survived this subject, things might be worsen and I probably could be a burden to my team-mates soon. All I can imagine right now is the grade that I could redeem for this bloody subject. So the exam had passed, I'm here only hoping from His blessing to save my grade. Aaammiinn. Have faith Syuhada Omar though you haven't done soooo well during the examination. On second thought, I might have let the hatred in me blown away the fact that I got no option to discriminate something that didn't appeal to me. So what's me after 5 years? I am economic illiterate. Or the safest answer, I'm still quite dont know what I am interested in.

How does my grade will look like?

Like this?

Or this? know what I mean.
PME and Biology. I hate them both. They are both pose severe effect to me, it's just that PME don't have the anesthetic effect to me. Pretty good.