*gambar sekadar hiasan* Santai, Tanjung Lumpur

assalamualaikum wbt...

hai to all...i just came back from my parents' home yesterday...well, i wont say that seri kembangan is my hometown...i took the 2.30pm bus and arrived around 6pm at terminal makmur kuantan...syafiq(my best buddy) came all the way from JB this weekend and we hang out together at TC...ade BBQ di samping tuk nyambut birthday of their friends from senandika's group...we had fun at there...

syafiq, bad, bob and farani mandi manda kat sane...suke nye diowang...i wish i can join them...may be next time kot, kan? here not to tell ya all bout the hang out here to give my point of views on what's happening in Malaysia recently...i mean bout our politic...

i just read through our former prime minister's blog...and i felt like...wowww....i just really love the way he put thing out...well have the power, and you can say whatever you want...but for me, you really a good thinker, a good leader...and i like the way you see always think beyond thing....

we can count by fingers how many leaders in this world that really can think like you...i was wondering, what will happens to our Wawasan 2020 without your not saying that Pak Lah is not a good leader, but then, i believed that all of us are big enough to make a very good judgement on it, rite?

owh..and im as 21 years old Malaysian are too sick and tired of hearing of this sort of politics anymore...This sort of politics not only embarass our nation but also do more harm. What we Malaysians want is a speedy recovery and help from the government to cushion what may be the worse recession ever and not this sort of politics!

For heaven sake, think of the nation and people who have voted for you. Ignore petty differences and work together as one may it be you're from PKR or BN. It's time to work as one and live to fullest potential that M'sia can be. If not, M'sia will no longer be a country that we're all so proud of.

to all the readers, very sorry if i make some language's mistake...this is my first attempt to write in English in order to master my writing skill...hihi...tapi sekali sekala je ye sy akan tulis dlm bhs omputeh kampung mane pandai bhs omputeh nie...hihi...


weee..hooo..congrat tunku maheran for this attemption...keep it up young lady..u did inspire me to write in english aku pon cam da semakin hampes skang nii..tunggang langgang


org kg den reti ckp jopun laie tau..

no hal la writing in english..


p.s:maaaf ats komen yg berbahasa "rojak"..huhu.